Gun Locks

Gun Locks
  • Santa Cruz Gunlocks

    Barrel Gun Lock

    WEAPON BARREL GUN LOCK The Barrel Lock is a simple and flexible variation of the proven SCGL-1 Gunlock that is heavily favored by correctional institutions and the US Border Patrol. The weapon cavity is perfectly sized to grab the barrel of most...
  • GEN. 2 Universal Gun Lock

    Santa Cruz Gunlocks

    GEN. 2 Universal Gun Lock

    SANTA CRUZ GEN. 2 UNIVERSAL GUN LOCK The SC-6 Universal Gunlock is the product of years of constantly searching for better ways to secure any firearm in any emergency response vehicle. Thanks to its patented design, the SC-6 can secure nearly any long...
  • Santa Cruz Gunlocks

    Large Gun Lock

    LARGE GUN LOCK By 1990, we were getting daily requests from police departments asking for a larger and more versatile gunlock to secure their patrol rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. Our answer was the SCGL-1 AR Large Gunlock, which is basically a...
  • Santa Cruz Gunlocks

    Pump Shotgun Lock

    PUMP SHOTGUN LOCK The ancestor of today’s pump shotgun lock was designed by Smith & Wesson in the early 1930’s. The original design was so good that it remained virtually unchanged for 54 years. In 1988 we further improved this...